Shipping and Delivery

By processing your payment and completing an order with us, you agree the following terms and conditions regarding the return of your purchase.

  • All orders are processed and packed within 2-3 days of placement, excluding week-ends and publics holidays.
  • Most orders are shipped within 24hours after the details have been provided and the payment approved
  • Under normal circumstances, you will receive an email, confirming that your order has been processed and has left our premises

-All international orders are shipped via DHL, FEDEX or TNT

-Shipping time: between 5 and 7 working days

-In rare occasions the customs agency within the destination country may choose to delay individual shipment as a random security measure…. These delays can be:

2/4 weeks for UK and US

4/6 weeks for continental Europe except Belgium and Netherlands which can be up to 8 weeks on very rare occasions?

Signature is required on delivery for your security, and if no one is at home at delivery time, the order will be sent to the nearest DHL/FEDEX…..

-Delivery times can change depending on the time of the year, holiday periods, weekends or severe weather

-We are not responsible for lost/stolen parcels or parcels delayed in transit when you return your items

-If the wrong delivery address is provided, 69slam cannot offer reimbursement for this parcel…. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the correct shipping/delivery address for an order

-If you have any shipping/delivery problems, please send email to [email protected], and we can assure you that we will make our best to answer within 24hours!

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