69SLAM & the Dolphin project


69SLAM & the Dolphin project

“100% of the profits on our new limited edition of tote bags will go back to DOLPHINS!”

We have all come across videos of Dolphins on social media, performing in some kinds of circus shows, where they jump through hoops and serve as surfboards for their “trainers”. These cute marine mammals, which have blown you with their intelligence and energy, might not be as happy as you think! The thing is: what you have not probably come across on social media, are baby dolphins pulled out from the ocean, covered in lubricant to stay “hydrated” and taken in long bumpy rides for hours to be shipped away to one of those circuses, or better described as cruel tourists attractions.

So, what happens when you pull out a Dolphin from its natural habitat? In the ocean, wild dolphins can travel up to 100 kilometers per day, and they are known for being highly social animals as they live in large groups of individuals, creating their own forms of communication and developing social bonds and sympathy towards each other! While in captive conditions, space is very limited creating frustration and stress. They can also be starved sometimes, in order to make their training “easier”.

We heard about The Dolphin Project, a non-profit organization founded by Richard O’Barry 48 years ago, when dolphins were held captive in a hotel in our island home, Bali.? Their purpose is to end dolphin exploitation and harassment. The organization has released plenty of captive dolphins over the years and has come a long way in raising awareness about that awful practice!

In August 2019 the Forestry Ministry confiscated 4 dolphins after one died at a hotel in Lovina, north Bali. These were captured and placed in a small-chlorinated pool for the sake of entertaining tourists.

The Dolphin Project built sea pens for the four dolphins to allow them to get back in ocean water and feel the rhythms of the sea.
They aim to release dolphins back to the wild but the chances for 2 of the dolphins are extremely low: they are extremely underweight and had their teeth pulled out by the Hotel which means they will not be able to fend for themselves in the wild.

69SLAM X Dolphin Project Tote Bags

In recognition of their efforts, 69SLAM has decided to join the Dolphin Project on their long-living mission: Let’s protect dolphins together! By creating a limited edition of tote bags where all profits go to the Dolphin project’s Bali team! Visit any of our stores in Bali to get your hands on one. Available on our website soon ??

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